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Bowls Etiquette.
Jobs in the Team.
The Three C's.
Controlling Length.
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General Information and an animation is provided below.
Alan Freke
All Coaches are fully insured.
All new members can be assured of a head start.
Why not bring along a friend?

Bowling Animation
The above animation shows a bowl being delivered, such that it draws into the Jack.  Details of many aspects of the game are now in preparation, and these will use additional animations.

It is regretted that this animation will not run on Apple ‘I-Pads’, or Apple MacIntosh products. If you are unable to see the animation on other computer products, these may also be incompatible, or specific software may need to be loaded.  
BOWLS KIT - for Newcomers
For beginners in training, the dress code will not be strictly applied.
You will NEVER be turned away for wearing the wrong clothing, but see the note about shoes below!
FOR GUIDANCE:      ABOVE THE WAIST - A plain white blouse or shirt, with Collar, ‘Polo’ style shirts are ideal.
BELOW THE WAIST -  Plain grey trousers or skirts.
PROPER BOWLING SHOES are essential.  For newcomers, leisure shoes are quite acceptable providing that they have flat clean soles with minimum tread; the popular canvas shoes are OK.  All shoes used for bowling must always be changed into before going onto the rinks; they must NEVER be worn to the Club, to avoid them ‘picking up’ grit and dirt.  Suggest to clean the soles with a wet cloth, before you come.
Tips to follow for novice bowlers.  And, things to remember that will improve your game, when you’re not playing at your best.  
Understanding the etiquette of the game, which is very important when playing in matches, particularly in games against other Clubs.
Understanding the significance of team playing position, and the different roles within that team.  Although written for a full rink of four team members, a note on ‘Triples’ is also included.
Looking at “the three C’s”, Concentration, Confidence, and Consistency, to understand how they can improve your bowling skills.
Plenty of practise is essential to being able to deliver a bowl to a specific position.  These notes are designed to help you, and improve your bowling skills.
It’s friendly, its fun,
and it will help keep you fit!
Why not get into indoor
Child Protection Policy.
Our Club is pleased to advise that it can now provide Training during the Summer Months
COACHING SESSIONS start in MAY and continue through to AUGUST
Sessions are strictly arranged at a time to suit you
If you are interested, or just want some information, please contact:
Stephen Ash (Club Secretary) Tel: 01934-522735
George Finnegan, our Head Coach, is EBCS Qualified (Highest Level)
The first two Coaching Sessions are FREE
Afterwards, the cost of TRAINING is £2.00 for the two-hour session
Once you become a Member of our Club, lessons are FREE!
Summer Membership is just £10 with Winter Membership currently £41