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Come along to one of our Training Sessions.
It will not cost you anything - the first two lessons are free, and ALL lessons in October are free.
Afterwards, you will need to pay normal rink fees, but there are NO charges for the lesson itself.

Times of Training lessons are provided in the Training Section of this site.
During our main winter season, lessons are 8.30 to 10.00am on Saturdays (cost £2.00 for the one-and-a-half hour session ),
and 12.00 to 2.00pm on Wednesdays (costing £2.50. for the two-hour session)

However, it would be wise to telephone the Coach  before-hand, just so he knows to expect you.

OUR HEAD COACH is GEORGE FINNEGAN  George is an EBCS L3 Qualified Coach,

Contact Club Captain Gordon Sansam for information   Telephone No. 01934-813752   e-mail

All information about Training is on our Training Section - just click on the navigation bar [Training] above.

Try the sport of Bowls - and perhaps . . .

. . . you’ll soon get the BUG!


Even if you have played bowls recently (within last three years), you will still benefit by attending our training sessions.
It is the way to introduce yourself to the Club before committing to full Membership, and for the Club to assess your performance.

Take the two free lessons on offer, and then submit your Membership Application Form.  This is in our [ABOUT US] Section.

When you become a Full Playing Member, all Training will be FREE!

If you have recently played indoor bowls at another Club, then you may feel that you have no need of any Training.
Just submit your Membership Application Form, but it is requested that you please contact the Secretary by E-mail.

If you have recently played bowls outdoors, then you may only need to reduce the weight of your drive.
This can be done in Training Sessions, but after you have joined the Club, when all Training is FREE!
Submit your Membership Application Form, but it is requested that you please contact the Secretary by E-mail.

If you have played bowls, but not recently, or didn’t play it much (perhaps never joining a Club), then you should attend our two FREE Training sessions before joining our Club.



All Club Information is contained in our [ABOUT US] Section,
which can be also be accessed via the Navigation Bar at the top of the Page.

Because Training is FREE for Club Members, it will soon become cost effective to Join our Club.
As a new Member, you are only requested to join a league team; you will not be pressured to join, so you can just concentrate on learning to play the game.

After a while, when you feel more competent, you may join one of our Club League Teams.
Playing in our Leagues is an excellent way to improve your game, since you are playing in a ‘real-match’.
Bill Jackman is our Club League Secretary, but any Club Member will assist you in joining a League.

You will meet some of our Club Members, but the best way to do this is to attend one of our ‘Target Bowls’ Social Events.

Your application form will require proposing by an existing Member.  The Head Coach will be pleased to sign the form before it is submitted, but there is NO requirement to obtain a proposer.
The Secretary, on receipt of your form will contact you by telephone or e-mail, and arrange for a proposer (if required).

Your are now required to submit payment with your application., and the Secretary will send your cheque with a completed application to the Treasurer (please do not send your form direct to the Treasurer).  All a very painless process, which will be undertaken ASAP.

Important: Please be advised that, in compliance with the Data Protection Act, your application will NOT be displayed in the Club.
Club Members will NOT have access to read your personal details.  In the possibility that any Member does NOT want you in the Club, then their viewpoint will be discussed privately with Club Management, and, hopefully, any issues resolved.  

Everyone is welcome to play at Woodspring IBC.


This Page has been put together to provide ALL the information.

Roll Up ... Roll Up!

Come and try the fun and social sport of bowls!